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Taylor Wharton

Distribution Partnership with Ratermann Manufacturing:

Taylor-Wharton is proud to announce a newly-formed distribution partnership with Ratermann Manufacturing for the sale of Taylor Wharton's liquid cylinder products in North America.

Our two companies share common core values of safety, quality and superior customer service. The synergy that cements our new distributor partnership is Taylor-Wharton's proven high quality liquid cylinder products supported by the Ratermann platform of highly trained cryogenic sales professionals committed to excellence in customer service.

Among the important value added features that Ratermann Manufacturing brings to our new distributor partnership and ultimately to our customers are:

Two well stocked strategically located North American warehouses.

Excellent cryogenic customer service departments coupled with five regional cryogenic sales experts.

An ever expanding cryogenic parts catalogue.

An unwavering commitment to meeting customer expectations.

These significant Ratermann strengths amplify Taylor-Wharton's primary customer goal - a goal that is equally valued by our new distributor partner - to provide the best possible service support in the purchasing of liquid cylinders - a support that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations and a support that is unparalleled in our industry.

With our new distributor partnership with Ratermann Manufacturing, we at Taylor-Wharton believe our primary customer goal can now be fully realized.



Chris Kasuba -Vice President & General Manager

Mark Fleischer -Vice President Sales & Marketing